Roger Davis

I have a very weird problem with one of my BNC wired cameras.

This camera is in an 8 camera system. I have two transformers supplying camera power, and have switched power supply plugs several times, trying both transformers and several separate wires. Local line voltage is a steady 119.

I’ve been very careful to make sure all connections are clean and good, especially the coax ground to the camera and DVR which didn’t quite seem secure at first.

The other 7 cameras work well, no matter which power supply or power connection is used.

I can switch the camera connection on the DVR, the problem follows the cable and camera, not the display location.

The picture on the problem camera is bright, clear, and consistent as long as there is any light outside. Once there is no daylight outside, the picture is noticeably darker than the other cameras.

At random times, the already low brightness will fluctuate, becoming noticeably darker, then recovering, then slightly darker, etc.

Also, usually before, after, or during this time, there may or may not be very short duration horizontal lines on the picture. The lines don’t seem to move, just appear and disappear.

At some times when the picture is darkest, there may also appear very black lines horizontally across the picture. These may be pretty thin (maybe just a few percent of the picture height), or very thick (like about ⅓ to ½ the picture height).

Maybe one of 10 times the darkness, lines, etc. appear, the camera will disappear to the system, showing the same indications as if there is no camera connected. This may last from a few seconds to maybe an hour or two. Then the camera will just reappear by itself, looking like it did just after dark.

All these problems may or may not appear multiple times through the night. Next day all is fine – until night arrives again.

This situation is not easy to just swap out the components (cable and / or camera) to isolate the problem as both are very difficult to reach.  I’m hoping that someone here with lots of experience can use that experience to help me nail the problem down.


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    Tech Support

    Roger please provide your order number so we can see what equipment you purchased.

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