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When using the web app from a computer across the internet, i was trying to use the WAN option when logging in.  When i choose WAN, it seems as if the cameras do not function correctly and the browser locks up.  If i go back and choose LAN, even though i’m not onsite, it seems to work fine.  What is the benefit of choosing WAN when you log in?

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    Make sure you are using internet explorer and have active X enabled. You can watch the video for enabling activex properly below:

    The WAN and LAN options are there just for cases where upload bandwidth is limited. The WAN option forces streaming using the lower resolution extra stream and does not load all the config options.

    The LAN option loads the full interface. We suggest using that.

    You can also try and search for webrec in Windows Explorer to delete any previous versions of the activeX program. Then revisit the ip address of your DVR or NVR and a new copy will be downloaded.

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