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Where can i find the latest firmware for my ip cameras and my 32 channel NVR?


Since i have no clue how to respond to your email, i’ll just edit my original response.

  • SN: WTTZA4LM121W00031
  • Web:
  • System Version: 3.200.0000.3.R
  • Build Date: 2014-07-11
  • Order# 13101401141
Tech Support answered ago
    Tech Support

    Please provide the following to so we can check whether there is a new firmware for your DVR:

    1) Your order number

    2) Your current firmware version number

    3) Your DVR model number

    Tech Support edited answer ago
      Tech Support

      You have the latest firmware according to the firmware version. However your order number is not from our company. Please contact the company you purchased from.

      Tech Support edited answer ago

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