How to add IP cameras and HD Cameras to your Hybrid DVR

Our new Hybrid DVRs accept three types of security cameras:

  • Analog Security Camera using BNC tipped RG59U cabling to provide video up to 960H Resolution
  • EasyHD Cameras using BNC tipped RG59U cabling to provide video up to 1080p Resolution
  • IP Cameras using RJ45 tipped CAT5e or CAT6 cabling to provide video up to 1080P Resolution

When adding IP cameras to these Hybrid DVRs you will need to manually change the camera type on the DVR, or to check whether your DVR is a Hybrid DVR model, use the following steps to determine whether it can accept EasyHD CVI cameras and the number of IP cameras.

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How to connect ONVIF compatible IP cameras to PoE NVRs

Avalonix has come out with a new Pro series of IP cameras that are ONVIF compatible and work well with our NVRs with integrated PoE. There are a few required steps to configure the cameras so they can be used with 123CCTV NVRs. The video below instructs the user on proper configuration of these IP … Read more

Configuring Snapshot On Your IP Security Cameras

Taking a Snapshot is a feature that comes standard with our IP security cameras and allows you to save images at specified time intervals for playback image by image as opposed to standard video recording. This automatic photo capture can be used for many different purposes, such as taking photos for cataloging progress at a … Read more

Recording Security Cameras in the Cloud for Free


Cloud storage has become increasing popular the last few years for storage solution needs that arise in companies. It has also become very popular as a solution for IP based security camera systems that need more space for storage, as video recording is very memory intensive. HD video uploads require a high bandwidth and immense amounts of hard drive space. As video quality keeps getting better with more resolution, this only adds to the need for more memory.

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Port Forwarding for Security Camera Systems

In this in depth article, we will show you all the necessary steps you will need to take in order to setup port forwarding on your system for use with the internet.  We will demonstrate where to find the necessary information about your system as well, and what you might have to change to configure … Read more

Connecting IP Cameras To Your NVR

IP Cameras:   IP cameras are sophisticated pieces of technology that have many features that other security cameras do not have.  IP cameras at this point have the capability to surpass modern HD cameras in visual resolution and clarity once you start getting into the higher end models.  There are many reasons to choose to … Read more

Security Camera Cable Types Explained

After choosing the proper cameras and equipment for your surveillance needs, the next decision is choosing the proper cabling to run with these systems.  We cannot stress this enough, understanding the properties of these different types of cabling and how they interact with your systems is crucial in maintaining an efficient and effective cctv system. … Read more