How to change the order of IP cameras connected to your PoE NVR

One of the most common questions you will come across when setting up your PoE NVR system is how to change the order that your IP cameras appear in. NVRs with a built-in PoE switch have numbered ports on the back. Once you plug cameras in to them, the NVR keeps in memory which camera mac address is connected to which PoE port. Although this great for recovery after power failure so that your cameras come back on to the same channels you configured them on, it is problematic during initial installation. So if you want to change the order of your cameras, you will need to reset of Default the section titled Camera on the NVR: you will need to reset the camera settings that the NVR has saved within. The video below will show you how to achieve this task in a few simple steps. Once you have reset the camera settings, follow instructions provided in how to connect IP cameras to a NVR.

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